Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Blog Begins Here: Seeing Through Illness, Meetingbrook at Ragged Bald Life Experiencing Spirit

This is a space for those suffering, those ill-at-ease, those with illness. It is for them to speak and write here. For families, for relatives, for friends, and for the interested -- because it will have visited, or soon will, visit you.

It is said that the illness of being born is the movement toward death. It could be said that we are all ill. 

Our dis-ease is something worth investigating.

Religions have taken their best shot at describing it. Medicine has written volumes. Ordinary people around a wood stove with cup of coffee have shared their stories and their concerns.

Let this blog be another place to look at how we see through illness.

This blog invites anyone interested to consider what it means to see through illness. It might suggest how someone navigates their way through a difficult time. Perhaps broken bones, cancer, heart condition, addiction, stress (post-traumatic or otherwise), Parkinson’s, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or the many and various subsets of these uneases.

Unease, (anxiety and discontent), is part and parcel of what is called suffering or dissatisfaction.

How have we made our way, how are we making our way, through specific illness encountered in our lives? Moreso, perhaps, how do we make our way through the general illness of suffering/dissatisfaction we see in life everyday near and far?

Is this journey as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical, emotional, mental journey?

Words are worth looking at. There is much to look at with the word “disease” which is how most definitions of “illness” begin.

There is much to contemplate here.

Awareness of the source is the origin of health seeing us through ordinary life.

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